Monday, November 19, 2012

Ithaca College Wins AAUW Campus Action Project

The Ithaca College Seal
The Ithaca College Seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The AAUW-NYS Board congratulates Ithaca College. We look forward to the results of their project.

The 2012-13 Campus Action Project will allow teams of faculty and students to bring awareness to the gender pay gap one year out of college and its connection to student debt. Nine teams from around the country were selected to implement projects based on recommendations from AAUW's 2012 research report, Graduating to a Pay Gap: The Earnings of Men and Women One Year after College Graduation.

There was one winning team from New York State: Ithaca College is a C/U partner with AAUW.

The Ithaca College team will develop a workshop series to address issues pertaining to the pay gap, specifically one year after college graduation. A team of students will video-record the workshops, and format them similar to TED Talks. Each workshop will include 8-18 minutes of lecture-style presentation, and an interactive piece that will take 20-40 minutes. Workshop topics will range from self-advocacy to salary negotiation skills. The video-recordings will be made into short films that will premiere at an event in May 2013 and then will be used in future campus and community trainings.

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