Saturday, August 25, 2012

Get Out the Vote Resources

AAUW New York State
It’s My Vote Campaign 

Voter Registration and Education:

 Women wield great power in American politics. More than ever before, women are registering to vote and casting ballots in greater numbers and with more consistency than men. It’s vital that we continue this achievement and engage millennial women.

 There are as many millennials as there are baby boomers — and women ages 18–31 have enormous potential to be as potent a force in politics for years to come. The difference right now is that millennials have yet to establish a consistent pattern of voting.

 By engaging with millennial women, the It’s My Vote, I Will Be Heard campaign will support an enormous generation of young women in establishing lifelong voting habits and to strengthen the voice of women in the 2012 elections.

Here are links to five papers prepared by national that address concerns of millennials in this election cycle. You may find them useful as you plan your Get Out the Vote Campaign. They include:

Feel free to print the issues papers on your branch letterhead as handouts or draw upon them for your campus outreach.

Visit our Public Policy pages to learn more about about AAUW NYS's advocacy issues.
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