Saturday, April 12, 2008


Gloria Steinem Day for Equal Pay (discussed in an April 2, 2008 AAUWNY blog)was held in Albany NY April 2, 2008. Its purpose was to pressure the NYS Senate to act on the NYS Fair Pay Bill, which was passed in the NYS Assembly, and has been held in the Senate Labor Committee. A Press Conference was held and articles about Fair Pay legislation appeared across the state.

Did it work?
On April 3 a motion was made, by a senator, to have the Senate vote on bringing the NYS Fair Pay Bill out of Committee so that the Bill can be discussed and voted upon by the Senate. The vote will be on Tuesday, April 14.

The NYS Fair Pay Bill would provide equal pay for equal work and freedom of speech regarding salaries for men, women and people of color. AAUW NYS has been actively working, in coalition with like minded organizations to secure passage of this Bill. About 2600 members of our AAUW e-groups across the state have been urged to call their NYS Senators. If you live in NYS please join us in contacting your senator. I’ll let you know next week what happened.

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