Friday, March 14, 2008

You & Your Doctor Should Decide Which Health Screeninga Are Right for You

Because it's National Women's History Month and March 8 was International Women's Day, I thought I'd highlight an article from the online National Women's Health Report in which Dr. Pamela Peeke stresses the importance of individualizing your health screening needs. She points out that screening tests and preventive efforts, while extremely important over one's lifetime, do have their limitations. She explains that many tests may be unnecessary and are usually expensive, citing a Consumer Reports survey of 300 primary care physicians where 34% said their patients "very frequently" or "quite often" requested unnecessary or duplicative medical tests. (However, the doctors themselves admitted that, as protection against malpractice suits, they often order unneeded tests.) She recommends sitting down with your health care professional and asking for a list of screenings you should receive, based on your own individual health history. Good health, everyone! JH

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