Friday, March 28, 2008

Creating a Level Playing Field for Women

At this year's convention there will be much information about creating a level playing field for women.

Lilly Ledbetter will be our keynote speaker on Friday night. She will share with us her experience fighting pay discrimination again Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Her fight went all the way to the Supreme Court and inspired the Ledbetter Fair Pay act which passed in the house this past year.

We will be hearing from Claire Schuster about her fight against sex discrimination at Berea College.

But AAUW member are not "poor us" thinkers. We are doers and we will be participating in empowering workshops including topics such as Grassroots Organizing; Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story and Making Your Point; Health Care in the 21st Century and Diversity Issues. We will be networking with other "doers" from around New York State to learn how others are effecting change in their communities.

We will be hearing from Christianne Corbett, Research Associate at the American Association of University Women national office. One focus of Christi's research is the concept of the "boy's crisis," the subject of the latest Educational Foundation report Where the Girls Are, to be released in May, 2008

Non-members are welcome to come and share with us and learn from us. It's not too late to register. Visit our convention page to learn more and register today.

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