Monday, November 05, 2007

Educational Foundation Research Studies

The AAUW Educational Foundation sponsors many research studies along with its other programs, funding Fellowships and Grants and the Legal Advocacy Fund.

One such publication related to the Legal Advocacy Fund is Tenure Denied - Cases of Sex Discrimination in Academia. This publication describes many of the cases supported by the Legal Advocacy Fund and has details about the very first case supported by LAF, Zahorik vs. Cornell,

The Ithaca Branch of AAUW decided to support the original "Cornell 11" in their quest for tenure at the University. From this involvement the Legal Advocacy Fund was created and recently we celebrated the 25th Anniversary and over 100 cases supported.

More recently we are seeing decided victories in court, recognition of AAUW as one of the very few organizations to carry on this important work of advocacy for discrimination in academia.

Please note that this is not just a women's issue. Our institutions of higher learning hold an important place in our society. Since employers look to hire those with degrees for the upper echelons of their companies it is most important to have a diverse group of faculty who make the decisions when granting degrees to applicants.

This generation heading out into the world to make their way are our future corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, politicians, researchers, etc. These are the people who will impact our future at every level. Achieving equality in the tenure process is of major importance to all of us.

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