Sunday, November 11, 2007


Behind the Pay Gap
The American Association of University Women is pleased to announce its 2007-2008 Campus Action Project, Behind the Pay Gap, based on the AAUW Educational Foundation research report that was released in spring 2007 and examined the gender pay gap for college graduates. The objective of this year’s CAP program is to provide a platform to raise awareness of the inequity in pay between women and men in the workplace.
While several measures of educational achievement show that on average women are faring as well as their male counterparts today, often times these gains do not translate into comparable economic success beyond college. In 2004, college-educated women 25 and older earned 75 percent of what their male peers earned. This pay gap appears within the first year after college – even when women are working full-time in the same fields as men – and widens in the first ten years in the workforce. AAUW Educational Foundation research points to several factors that appear to be pivotal including, the field of study, occupational choice, and family-work balance issues such as time out of the labor force.1
Students, faculty, and administrators from U.S. colleges and universities are invited to submit a proposal for a campus action project (CAP). We expect to fund 5-10 projects of up to $5,000 each. Visit for a full list of recommendations.
1Goldberg, J. D., & Hill, C. (2007). Behind the Pay Gap.

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