Sunday, October 21, 2007

NYC Branch Exhibits Lynn Vergano's Oriental Paintings

The AAUW NYC branch held an exhibit of Lynn Vergano’s Oriental paintings for the Benefit of the Explore Your Opportunities – The Sky’s the Limit, a conference to encourage girls to take courses in math, science and technology.

Lyn Vergano’s delicate brush paintings are a perfect example of a wedding of form and meaning. She studied at Pratt Institute and graduated with a master’s degree from New York University. Her first paintings were in the classic Western tradition. The simplicity and discipline of oriental brush work attracted her. She began to study the techniques, to learn from the masters, and to experiment on her own. As time went on, her technique evolved and sharpened and her paintings revealed a blending of nature and art and philosophy. Now she brings her own unique vision to the classic subjects of a traditional art form. Many of her paintings are of the familiar models of oriental art: birds, flowers, trees, boats, waterfalls. She has brought her own unique vision to these simple images. Her paintings are a fusion of an ancient oriental art form with a modern Western sensibility.

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