Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fair Play in the Workplace

I have been loosely following the Isiah Thomas trial and was very curious to see what the outcome would be.

While the case is not finalized yet (and the inevitable appeals haven't even begun) the jury has ruled that Thomas , the Knicks Coach harassed a former team executive and that Madison Square Garden fired her in retaliation for complaining.

What I found interesting about this case was the arena, if you'll pardon the pun, in which the harassment occurred - Madison Square Gardens and male professional sports.

Having worked in finance for a number of years I recognize that in certain fields there is a certain amount of harassment that most women just simply deal with as "a cost of doing business." Typically these are industries that remain sacred ground of sorts of and for men. Professional sports, the vast majority of which are male, would fall under this heading.

When a women steps up and cries foul - and a jury agrees with her - it makes me feel like the game isn't over yet.

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