Tuesday, October 02, 2007

AAUW open houses

The New York City area (District V) has many branches. Now is the time for them to recruit new members by having Open Houses. In addition, open house lets new and old members know about the programs that are planned for the year. I went to my first open house last week at the near by Rockland Branch . President Joyce Brown had a list of great mission based activities and interest groups. During the meeting members got a chance to design ways to make these activities work.

Then this week I went to the new Manhattan Branch Open House. It was a small group but ready to take on the mission of AAUW. President Lisa Wilson along with the newly installed officers explained the their plans to have activities during the year. State President, Diane Haney gave the group a background of the history of AAUW and the types of programing that has been successful. The members are already beginning to raise funds for EF and LAF . They are off to a great start.

On Sunday, October 7, 2007 the New York City Branch will have their Open House. President, Maria Ellis along were her communication committee have invited not only all members but local MAL. There will be 8 tables with Committee Chairs and literature about their programming for this year. All are welcomed to the program at the Branch house -
111 East 37th Street. from 2-5. Hope to see you there.

As University and College director for the State I am on a mission to get more member colleges through these branches.

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Anonymous said...

Lorrin, thanks for attending our open house. It is good to see how someone else sees what you do. We have co-presidents. Ros Maxwell is the co-president who will serve two years. This is my final year. I am sharing your blog and your mission with our board at our next meeting. Again, thanks for coming and for the kind words.