Tuesday, October 30, 2007

AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund

On Saturday, October 27, the people attending the NYS AAUW District III meeting in Ithaca, New York were privileged to hear J. Anthony Gaenslen, the Attorney for the Cornell Eleven. The Cornell Eleven were supported by members of the Ithaca branch. Their efforts helped in establishing a Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) as part of the American Association of University Women. LAF was first a pilot progran (in 1981) and two years later became a permanent fund of the Association. The Legal Advocacy Fund is now part of the AAUW Educational Foundation.
The Legal Advocacy Fund is the nations largest legal fund that is devoted to helping fight sex discrimination in higher education. Since its inception in 1981 the fund has provided more that $1.3 million to over 100 cases. The fund provides financial assistance and outreach for their cases. For more information on LAF go to the American Association of University Women website (aauw.org then go to the ADVOCACY tab and then to Legal Advocacy).

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