Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pay Equity legislation--urgent

I just received this communication from Lisa Maatz,the American Association of University Women staff person who guides us on public policy :

A critical bill is pending in the Senate, and we need your help to make a strong statement about AAUW's support for the Fair Pay Restoration Act (S. 1843). Thanks to the efforts of AAUW members around the country, the House has already passed its version of the Ledbetter bill, and it is now pending in the Senate. This bill would overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., which severely weakens legal remedies for workers who have faced pay discrimination. The plaintiff in this case, Lilly Ledbetter, one of very few women supervisors at an Alabama Goodyear plant, suffered decades of pay discrimination and sexual harassment. While a jury found in her favor, the U.S. Supreme Court took her compensation away, holding that she waited too long to file her case. Under this newly-created Ledbetter rule, victims of discrimination have no recourse against such treatment unless they file a charge within 180 days of the employer’s discriminatory decision, even if they are unaware that pay discrimination is occurring, even when the discrimination continues into the present.
The Fair Pay Restoration Act would overturn this damaging decision and reinstate the "paycheck accrual rule," which allows that each discriminatory paycheck triggers a new claim filing period. Passing this bill is essential to ensure that those facing pay discrimination can effectively protect their rights.

New York State AAUW will support this. It would be a really good time for everyone to contact their senator whether or not you are a member of AAUW. You can contact your senator directly or go through the AAUW Two Minute Activist at

Lisa is also a terrific speaker and will be at the District 6 conference on Long Island, Oct. 20. For more information contact me.

Diane Haney

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