Thursday, September 27, 2007


When a woman's value is not respected she is being mistreated. When a woman works at the same job as a man and is paid only three- quarters of what a man is paid, that is abuse. When she works at a job that is comparable to the job a man is doing and is paid one quarter less than a man that is abuse.

Women deserve respect the same as men. What is respectfully about receiving less money for their labors? When a woman buys a car she is not given a 25% discount. She is economically abused in that she has to pay 25% more of her salary to buy the car than a man.

Women work hard at their jobs. It is abusive for employers to pay them less than men. They do this because they can get away with it. What recourse do women have? They need jobs to provide the necessities of life.

What can be done to stop this economic abuse? Contact your legislators and ask that they pass state and federal fair pay bills. AAUW believes in economic equity. AAUW’s national website has facts, figures and reports on Equal Pay. Also there are prewritten letters that you can adapt, to send to your Congress people at a click of a button. Try our state website for resources too.

This Bloggers Against Abuse Campaign has brought us together in voicing our care about those who need to be treated with the respect they deserve. The outpouring of fellow bloggers shows the humanity in us all.

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See also the "pay equity" change at,

[If you're on Facebook, add the application and join the change that way.]