Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Helping Girls with STEM interests--program idea

I received this from Carolyn Hayek. It has some excellant ideas for programing. Note the $1000 mini-grants.
Diane Haney

For those interested in getting involved with the National GirlsCollaborative Project, I prepared some ideas below. Maybe some of thisinformation would work for some of the blogs and other listservs you arepart of.Carolyn HayekAAUW Liaison for Mountain Pacific RegionNational Girls Collaborative ProjectNational Girls Collaborative ProjectAdvancing the Agenda in Gender EquityFor Science, Technology, Engineering and MathematicsThe AAUW Educational Foundation, in partnership with the Puget Sound Centerfor Teaching, Learning and Technology (based in Bothell, Washington), hasreceived a substantial grant from the National Science Foundation to supportthe expansion of the National Girls Collaborative Project from a regionalorganization to a national support and financing network for projects whichencourage K-12 girls to study STEM subjects and to consider STEM careers.Individual AAUW members are encouraged to get involved in a variety of ways:1. Read about AAUW's role in this project in the most recent issue ofOutlook magazine and review the information about NGCP on the AAUW Search the on-line program directory to see what programs are listed inyour area. If you or your branch are involved in programs which encouragegirls in STEM fields and the project is not listed, encourage the leader ofthe project to add it to the list and, at the same time, sign up to gete-mail news of NGCP activities. Projects to be listed include careerconferences, such as Expanding Your Horizons, and scholarship and studentrecognition programs, if they target or recognize girls in STEM fields.(Science, technology, engineering and math.)3. Use the information you find in the program directory and other areas ofthe website as a resource for possible branch programs or to find possiblepartners for community projects.4. Spread the news about this project to other members of your branch andcommunity. This project periodically holds conferences, throughout thecountry and through webcasting, that AAUW members are welcome to participatein.5. Plan a future branch project, along with a community partner, and applyfor one of the $1000 mini-grants that will be available in many parts of thecountry, starting in the fall of 2007. Watch the website for more details.6. Explore the Resources page of the National Girls Collaborative Review past issuesof the newsletter for news of upcoming events and consider adding yourselfto the listserv to obtain future editions.7. Watch the NGCP video from the Share it with yourbranch.8. Recruit AAUW members and others interested in encouraging girls to pursueSTEM for leadership positions in this project. Each NGCP region has aChampions Board of community and business leaders as well as a steeringcommittee which works together to present local conferences and forums. Ifyou know of someone who might like to participate, share that informationwith your AAUW regional liaison. (See the list of names in the Outlookarticle and on the AAUW website.)9. Get involved and share your ideas. The National Girls CollaborativeProject and AAUW's role in this project are still evolving. There is roomfor the ideas and participation of anyone who supports the goal of improvinggender equity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics bysupporting programs which encourage girls to pursue those subject. It wouldbe wonderful for every branch to be part of the NGCP listserv, for everybranch to have a project listed in the program directory, for every branchto make sure at least one local community project is also listed, and forevery branch to have at least one member participating either in a localNGCP event or in a webcast.10. Come to Phoenix. AAUW members involved in the NGCP will be presenting aworkshop at our national convention in June and also hosting a networkingsession on June 30 during the time slot for special interest group meetings.We are looking forward to having many members participate.

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