Tuesday, April 24, 2007


What an exciting morning. In recognition of Equal Pay Day we, members of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), went to local RR stations. We talked to .commuters about the fact that women earn 77% of what men do. They must work until April to earn as much as a man did last year. We encouraged people to sign petitions asking our Governor, Speaker of the State Assembly and the Senate Majority Leader to pass the NYS Fair Pay Act. Commuters signed, laughed, supported our efforts and took the brochures and Pay Day® bars. Information about the new AAUW Research “Behind the Pay Gap” which proved that women are receiving less pay because of sex discrimination was given. See preceding AAUWNY Blog for details.

These are comments from AAUW members who were involved:

“It was a lovely experience. People were patient and cooperative. As soon as I mentioned the words "gender equity" three gals I was talking to told me to say no more, just pass them the clipboard (with petition)! One woman told me we were doing a good thing.”

"Just returned from the RR Station--------------very good experience. Most commuters were very receptive and were aware of Equal Pay Day through the media coverage. Gave out all the literature and bars."

We should all be paid equally when we do the same job regardless of gender.

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