Wednesday, March 07, 2007


It's Spring, in a few more days, and time for new beginnings. Islip Area's March branch meeting features "Women in Government". Town councilwomen and a Girl Scout Director will address the points of:
How do women get these positions?,
What keeps them there?,
What obstacles do they face?.
Young women in student government from the Bay Shore High School will be guests at this panel discussion.

In April our branch meeting will address the State Project. Through strategic planning, our members will decide on a Public Policy issue which they feel they want to know more about, help plan programming to increase our knowledge and finally use our information to educate the voters through various venues.

Perhaps the most anticipated project is Equal Pay Day, April 24, the day that women must work to in the current year to earn the same amount of money that a man made in the previous year. Women still earn 76% of a man's income for comparable work. Partnering with other community groups and wearing sandwich boards that display "Equal Pay Day" and the marketing posters, we will be distributing Pay Day candy bars along with pay equity and membership information.
Our targeted areas are LIRR stations early in the morning to meet commuters, college campuses, DMV and possible a courthouse. MAL's are invited to participate.

Islip Area is springing into action.

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