Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Enough with the snow!

Although we in Western New York are not getting nearly as much lovely white fluff as the central part of the state, we've had enough for a while! As I write this I realize that I will probably not be able to get out to attend the branch meeting tonight - a presentation of Scott Joplin's Treemonisha at one of the newer Buffalo libraries. I was looking forward to seeing this - I hadn't realized that Joplin had written any operas and the storyline sounds intriguing. Although the hero rescues the heroine at one point (and I'd prefer that heroines take care of themselves), the two together help educate a community which has been for the most part denied such privileges. For 1884, this was pretty progressive thinking!

This is actually the first of two programs celebrating Black History Month. The next is next Wednesday at the same library and will be a live performance - selected performed readings of Pat Conroy’s The Water Is Wide. I look forward to escaping into the city to see that!

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