Friday, January 19, 2007

Finance--Liz Perle's Book

In her book, Money, a Memoir, Liz Perle notes that a child today is more likely to see her parents go bankrupt than to see them get a divorce. Women tend to avoid dealing with issues that involve money, but unfortunately the problems of avoidance descend on us all eventually. This book, a choice on the AAUW Adelante book list this year, examines Ms. Perle's experiences with the emotional aspects of money and relates it to what is known about the rest of us. You may learn a little more about Ms. Perle's quirks that you really want to know, but the information is solid and, honestly, I skimmed the dry spots. I still loved the book It is not a how-to but a so-what. It should stimulate some excellent discussions in book groups across the state and fits nicely with our concerns about equity. Highly recommended.

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