Thursday, January 11, 2007

Black History Celebrated

All too often the important contributions made to our nation and indeed the world by men and women of color get relegated to a historical footnote or are overlooked entirely.

Black history month is a way in which these historical omissions can begin to be corrected. Ideally, by introducing ourselves to previously uncelebrated scholars, inventors, activists and others we can more fully appreciate the diversity around us every day.

For those of you in the Metropolitan New York area on Monday, January 15th, consider stopping by the AAUW New York City Branch house for their Martin Luther King Day program. The event itself will be rich and diverse boasting a silent auction, book readings and discussions and a panel discussion on voting rights and voting discrimination.

Reservations are not required. Monday, 01/15/2007, 2-6pm, AAUW NYC Branch House, 111 East 37th Street (between Park and Lexington Avenue), New York, NY 10016, 212-684-6068/

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