Tuesday, November 21, 2006



The front page lead story in the New York Times yesterday was about a conference I attended exactly a week before concerning No Child Left Behind and its effects on schools and education. The story chose to focus on our failure to close the test score gaps between the races. (It has actually become worse.) So mich for increasing equity.

More importantly the test preparation for reading and math is driving out the subjects which represent the reasons for learning to read and do math. The standards chosen for success and failure have no empirical basis, and no country in the world has ever met them. The ways for a school to fail have are so numerous that award-winning schools have failed, yet the speakers overall rated NLCB a weak "positive" because it has focused attention on school performance.

There is need for much reform of NCLB legislation in the new congress.

Diane Haney, New York State President, American Association of University Women